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Re: [IP] jess: olives

  so, i have a bit of a soft spot in my eating habits for olives....
>pure fat....  no carbs....  if i eat them with other things they simply
>slow down the digestion....  but i have been known from time to time to
>eat a bunch of olives all at once...  any ideas as to what sorts of
>effects i might see?

  Hi Jess:  I checked my carb book as well as the label on my cans of olives 
and they do have some carbs . . .though very few.  I would think it you ate 
a ton of them it might matter . . .?? :) I love olives too ...especially 
black ones, I sometimes put heaping piles of them on my salads :) and always 
count the carbs-1 g of carb for every 3 olives seems to be a good average.  
I mean, those little black olives.  take care --gianna  p,s, am I the only 
one who used to put olives on her fingers back when the fingers were small 
enough?? lol

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