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[IP] Remembering boluses

First, welcome to the IP list.  You'll find lots of good info and smiling
faces :-) here.

When my daughter first went on the pump, we "forgot" syndrome regarding
boluses, too.  First, I reminded, then I nagged, then I took away
privileges - two nights (separated by a couple of weeks) of no phone
privileges cured the "forgot" syndrome.  All the adults on the list
reassured me that "forgot" syndrome happens to everyone, not just the kids.
So, at two weeks, I think you're still at the "reminding" stage - but a
smart, athletic, good kid is going to develop the "remember" habit pretty
fast.  Feeling yucky from high sugars when "forgot" happens is its own
deterrent for a mature kid.

Nancy Morgan

<<Mom of a 16  year old son who was diagnosed
when he was 4. Went on a MiniMed pump 2 weeks ago.  Josh plays football,
basketball and baseball.  Is ranked #1 in his class academically.  A pretty
good kid.

Any ideas on how to remember boluses?  You'd think it'd be the
easiest part!>>

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