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[IP] a couple of questions...

1)  how much out of range does a bg need to be before you abort a fasting
basal test?  my regular range is 80-140, and i correct for 150+  (provided
it's not a post-prandial reading...)  if i'm at 150-160 though when i want
to start a basal test..... even though it's a bit high... should i just
start the test anyway?  or should i correct and wait another 5 hours
before starting the test... (or put it off until the next opportuity?)

2)  so, i have a bit of a soft spot in my eating habits for olives....
pure fat....  no carbs....  if i eat them with other things they simply
slow down the digestion....  but i have been known from time to time to
eat a bunch of olives all at once...  any ideas as to what sorts of
effects i might see?


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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