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Re: [IP] Ketos


In the last two weeks Eve has been running very high too. We don't know why.
We changed insulin, sets, sites, gave insulin by shot (again no much
happened), etc. Nothing worked. We would give her a lot of insulin this is
what happened
hour  her  bg would rise.
 Fasting bg of 405 at 9p,m, gave 7 units,
1st hr bg 337,
2nd 1/2 hr bg 282 gave 1.5 units,
3rd 1/2 hr bg 335 gave 2 units
5th hr bg 310 gave 2.5 units
6th hr bg 274 gave 2 units
In the morning still in mid 200. All day long she was high.
This happened 3 days and nights in a row.

Give more insulin and her bg would drop only a
little. But no ketones, one good thing. Last night she finally came back
down and was 69 at 11p.m gave her a carbo. Checked at midnight and she was
87 still low for this time of night gave her 1/2 of a carbo and was fine
this morning.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> Kevin was dxd 8/26/98 - his #s on several occasions ran 350 - HI - 5units
> humalog will only bring the # down to 400-500 range when reading was
HI -so
> it has to be really really high blood sugar.  I give the extra units again
> i see that the # has not come down with the 1st shot after 3 hrs. His
> have ran 350-500 for 24 - 48 hrs. - with very few carbs - testing every
> Yet - no ketos - which is a good thing - however since i consider myself a
> newbie to diabetes - i feel like i am waiting for a bomb to drop when i
> those high #s.> I have learned from cde - - high #s = ketos.
> Now - i ask the experts of insulin - does others have high #s for 24-48
> and  not have ketos.

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