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RE: [IP] 2 hour high

> Michael,
> Thanks for the information about Humalog. Most docs I have talked to
> think that Humalog is all gone in about 2 hours. I knew this wasn't
> the case for me. You mention rapid digestion. This would explain my
> spikes an hour after a meal better than any other explanation I have
> heard. They are down to about 200 now and I'm always 100 or below
> before the next meal. The CDE is still trying to bring them down
> some more but I'm beginning to think it's the impossible dream.
Take a look at Rick Mendosa's site (see the links page). He has a 
huge list of the glycemic index of foods.  Try eating something 
'fatty' with what ever it is you are having  to extend the digestion 
time, or simply change what you eat a little to get away from highly 
refined grain products, etc... Lots of the 'not so good for you' 
foods actually digest pretty slowly, even the ones with lots of sugar 
as long as it's a complex sugar and not dextrose
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