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[IP] Anyone in Columbus, OH?

Hi all. I haven't been posting in a while, reading
when I can, this is busy time for my business. Hope
everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

 Have a BIG concern about my 47 yo sister-in-law who
is newly dx type 2. She is deaf and somewhat mentally
handicapped, 5'2" and about 350 lbs or more. Has
severe problems with breathing, supposed to be on
oxygen, also high BP. Just found out last night that
although she is seeing an endo (we think) she is not
given an HbA1c test when she sees her doc. She is on
oral medication, checks her BG 4x daily, and is always
over 200 in the evening, the rest avg about 130-180 as
close as I can tell (this info comes from my 80 yo
mother-in-law who is quite on the ball, but doesn't
have much knowledge)

The dr has been trying to get her to loose weight of
course, but this has not worked, she has gained 20lbs
in the last 6 weeks! She acts as if she is starving,
and just eats and eats..  So, my questions are, 1) as
a type 2 should she be getting the HbA1c at her endo
visits? (I only know about type 1)

2) Would a consistently high BG of around 250 cause
her to be sooo hungry that she would not be able to
control her appetite? If so, would being on insulin
help this? She has a mental age of maybe 12-14, and
lives very much in the moment, so telling her to diet
has not been very effective. 

I'm very concerned because if she has been type2 and
not diagnosed for a long time, complications of
blindness for her would be especially disatrous since
she is deaf. I wonder if anyone in Columbus, OH can
recommend a really good endo for her. I'm not
convinced the DR she is seeing is treating her
aggressively enough, and I hate to just watch her
slowly die. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Rae, (mom to Ryan, 12, pumping since 3/99)

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