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RE: [IP] Ketos

I have a related question. Several days ago I was between 213 and 216 for
about 4 hours. I registered "small" on a ketostix. I bolused insulin and one
hour later I was at 140 and registered "trace" ketones. I was under the
impression that ones sugar needed to be 240 or higher before he should worry
about ketones. Is it common to produce ketones when the glucose is only a
bit over 200?


> that's another story :) Anyway, that whole time I never had
> ketones.  I
> think, and please someone with medical knowledge correct me
> if I'm wrong
> (!), that you would only have ketones if the body doesn't have enough
> insulin to get the right amount of glucose into its cells to
> provide energy,
> in which case it would start burning fat and produce ketones.

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