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Re: [IP] Ketos

>I have learned from cde - - high #s = ketos.
>Now - i ask the experts of insulin - does others have high #s for 24-48 hrs
>and  not have ketos.

   First of all: I really hope that Kevin gets his pump by Christmas!!! I 
know how thankful I was not to have to deal with injections at Thanksgiving. 
  Also, in answer to your question, yes.
A few weeks ago I spent about 5 days never seeing a number under 250 and was 
as high as 450 a couple of times . . .still trying to figure out why, but 
that's another story :) Anyway, that whole time I never had ketones.  I 
think, and please someone with medical knowledge correct me if I'm wrong 
(!), that you would only have ketones if the body doesn't have enough 
insulin to get the right amount of glucose into its cells to provide energy, 
in which case it would start burning fat and produce ketones.  If the high 
numbers are the result of incorrect carb counting, I'd think the numbers 
would be high but you'd still have glucose entering cells because of the 
insulin you did take.  I have had this happen before. I don't know if this 
would apply to your situation of if I'm even on the right track . . I'm sure 
YMMV. It always does! good luck with your pump quest!! --Gianna

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