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Re: [IP] Re: Low blood sugar question-colors

On 26 Nov 99 at 19:48, email @ redacted wrote:

> Same as Tara, Matt's blood is real dark when high.....lighter when 
> low.....hmmmm

The difference in the apparent color is what some of the non-invasive meter 
companies are trying to use to determine the bg value.   My wife laughed at me 
when I told her I could tell when my bg was high, low or close to target by the 
color, until she watched me do it several times...  but it's still not 
"accepted medical information"....  we still need to get someone with some good 
connections to figure out how we can write a grant proposal, get some big 
funding, recruit the list members for test subjects and have some real fun... 
This is where the cruise idea could get going - for the test we'd all have to 
have an orientation session and training in the data collection... and periodic 
meetings to collect data and assess the project...  anyone got any good ideas 
on how to pursue this?

Randall P. Winchester
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