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Re: [IP] ugh HI & ketones

We had a tough weekend with high numbers (over 300) and large ketones
with our son Andrew, 4.75 dx @ 14 mo. We've been pumping for only 2.5
months so this was a new and unpleasant experience. We bolused him over
double his amt, used the needle 2 and still had a hard time getting him
below 300. He is only 4 so it was awful telling him he needed a shot when
he was already miserable. And of course it all started about 6 pm Sat.
during the Thanksgiving weekend. He wasn't throwing up, no fever...just
feeling yucky. I was terrified of DKA but knew we'd be better off at
home. (He'd loose his mind with an IV and you know that's the first thing
they'd do in the hospital) We had him sleep in our bed and drink enormous
amounts of water trying to flush out the ketones. Needless to say, it was
a horrible night, but we all came thru' it fine. 

He spent the next day running high again but that night he
....naturally... was down to 56. So, we spent that night trying to keep
his numbers up.We'd already cancelled his basal increase and went back to
normal. (His basal rate from 12 am -7am is .1)

Now, we are on pretty much back to normal. Is there something else I
should have done? (I did call the CDE  Sat nite and she agreed to try
everything we can to avoid the hospital) He has never had that high BG
and ketones for 2 days without being very sick. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance! Cari

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