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Dear Mag, 

Hey. Welcome to the awful reality that they are STILL diabetic ! Sometimes I 
forget for a few hours with this wonderful pump and something like this 
happens.....ugh. Kevin only uses the stomach too. We tried his side once and 
he hated it...said it kept getting in the way. (but that was soccer season 
too) I want him to use the hip area and buttocks but he wants nothing to do 
with it and you hate to push it.

Kevin was doing some better. Lower bgs with the 200% going so I got cocky and 
lowered it to 150%! BZZZZZZZ wrong answer! ha ha. He was back up to 200 in no 
time. Ok, so now I'm trying 180%!  He still has a big headache and sore 
throat but he has only has one full dose. (24 hours) Hope I get sleep 

Mom of kevin
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