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[IP] Hi plus Ketones/Stress Eating

Hi Miranda-
Hopefully you've navigated crisis by now and NOT ended up 'partying with the 
paramedics' or otherwise have a late night romance with the ER folks.  As I 
have had an eating disorder only since being diagnosed with diabetes nearly 
35 years ago [ I think it was due to all that chasing of lows and eating 
when I wasn't hungry - PLUS of course the stress eating AND a love of sweets 
- deadly combination] I can related to your problems.  I used to eat 
everything in site in those binges and not keep track of anything.  Now, if 
that mood comes on me I force myself to keep track of all 6 cups of rocky 
road ice cream or the entire bag of chips.  And if this doesn't compute and 
I'm still running high, the first thing I do is check my tubing to make sure 
the insulin is coming through, then change the site anyway- even if I 
changed it earlier.  I know you probably do all this already and it's hard 
for me to plan logically for 'spontaneous combustion' - usually I'm so 
miserable when I'm doing this kind of eating I don't want to keep track.  I 
also stay away from all those homemade goodies that are harder to carb 
count.  And I always under bolus and check my BG every 2 hours (every hour) 
if I'm over 400.  It makes for a lousy night.  For me, unlike you, if I find 
my bolus ratio is off by just a point, if you're eating 'the whole thing', 
you may overbolus and go to sleep and rebound.  (I wondered if that happened 
to you as your ketones were low and BG hi- if it were me I'd think there was 
enough/too much insulin in my system).  Naturally YMMV but you are not alone 
and I hope you get some good sound sleep tonight.  Keep on pumpin' - hang 

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