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Re: [IP] gastro problems


>  Gastroparesis
> actually according to what I've found on the internet relates to stomach
> emptying.... and not really intestinal problems.

Yes, but if, like myself, are having problems emptying in turn you have
problems with your intestinal track.

> I have an extremely
> extremely quick rate of digestion of carbs - which is an obvious pointer
> AWAY from it being gastroparesis.

True, if this is constant.  You must remember that it's a "nerve" problem and
is not always constant.  Sometimes I absorb carbs quickly and others I can't
get out of a low and must resort to a glucagon shot.

I really think it would be wise of you to see your doctor.  There is a test
that can be done to verify it is gastro or not.  There are so many other things
that it could be.  I really encourage you to call the doctor.  Just because we
have diabetes doesn't mean that are problems are all diabetes related.  I hope
that makes sense.


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