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[IP] 2 hour high

I don't know that she meant to cover *completely* for the high as if it were
a fasting high.  I wonder if she meant to do as I do, which is test at 2
hours and then correct partially for the high, knowing that there is still
unused insulin.  But say I'm 300 at two hours-- i know the insulin isn't
going to bring THAT one down, so I correct.  The trick is to know how much
to correct and not go low.


>Joanne wrote:
>>  You are right about the 2 hours after a meal spike indicating 
>> a need for an increased insulin bolus at meals. 

>Not neccessarily.  If *I* test 2 hours after I eat and cover for the  high,

>then I can EXPECT to be crashed to the floor in about an hour.  I try NOT
>test until 2 3/4 or 3 hours after my bolus, otherwise I may be tempted to 
>cover for a high that the Velosulin just hasn't caught yet.  Velosulin 
>reaches it peak in *ME* about 3 - 3.5 hours after I take it.  
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