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[IP] A cure around the corner!!??

In 1955 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I was told back then that a
cure would be found in 5 more years. Well, I am really lucky because 44 years
later I am still here, no complications and pumping for almost 3 years.

I do feel that there will be a method for those of us with insulin needs that
will allow us to live a more normal lifestyle.  Just think about this...In
1955 I used glass syringes, was on one NPH shot per day, tested my urine with
a tape (that was two to three hours old) and had no clue about insulin time peaks.

We have come a long way and I know with all of the advances in diabetes care
we should see some major changes in a few years.  Minimed will most likely
have a pump that will test our blood sugars and pump the necessary insulin automatically.

What I have learned in past 44 years is that good control and exercise is the
best way to stay away from all of those awful complications.

Ken Bernstein
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