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Re: [IP] MM doesn't have software??!!

At 07:26 AM 11/30/1999  Laura Lentini wrote:
 >I just got off the phone with Minimed.  I was told that the
 >software to
 >download information to my PC from the pump is being marketed but is not
 >available for sale yet!  What's with that?  Why promote something you're not
 >selling??!!  I thought it was because I have a 508 and the software was not
 >available yet for the 508, but I was told no software was available for any
 >pump model.

One explanation is that they are using marketing as a test balloon to see 
if there is any interest. If so, they will actually produce the software 
sometime later. A common term used for this is "vaporware", since the 
software doesn't really exist yet.

Another explanation is, that it's in the beta testing phase. This just 
means that it is currently being tested by a select group of real 
customers. When all the worst software bugs have been taken out, then they 
will actually sell it. In the meantime they are trying to build interest in 
the product through their sales staff.

Both of these techniques are extremely common in the PC software market.


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