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[IP] matt and high bgs

Matt just started with crazy unexplanable b/g!!!!!! 

don't rule out GROWTH.  geneva has this happen alot.  all of a sudden I think  uh-oh...site change.  and geneva says...oh mom,  I am just going through a growth spurt.  (she seems to sense it by the amount of food she consumes then).   as soon as I finally reset basals ....she falls into line and then of course drops several days later.
as far as worn out sites in abdomen....geneva won't go anywhere else either.  last night at site change, I said...'wouldn't you like to try your sides or upper hip?"   she pinched up the flesh back there and almost did it...then chickened out.  I think when she is older, she may do it.  but not now.
good luck with your matt.