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Re: Teens & Pumps (was)Re: [IP] Pumping since 9/28- Thanks!!

   This post you copied was actually from me...We wound up with 21 kids ages 
12-17 showing up & the "key" was that 2/3 were already pump-wearing patients 
of the CDE  who orchestrated this with my daughter. The 2nd helpful element 
was that we mailed several copies of the flyer to every regional secondary 
school nurse! Figured there was more likelihood of the nurse mentioning it to 
the few kids with diabetes in her care, than of an overworked physician's 
staff taking the time to pull the charts of those patients & bother to mail 
them the flyer.
    The 2nd session will be December 12th at a local restaurant where the 
CDE's dietician will instruct the teens in carb-counting "typical" teen food 

Regards, Renee (melissa's pump-mom)
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