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Re: [IP] ugh HI & ketones

In a message dated 11/30/99 1:10:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I went to bed at 400 and took
 8 units plus a square wave, which seemed to do nothing because by midnight
 I had woken up twice for water and was at 580.  So I took 9 units  >>
   I hope by now this situation is resolved, but for future reference, 
Melissa always uses an injection (or pen) if she's in the high 300s at 
bedtime "just in case". One of the moms at the Childrenwithdiabetes chat room 
commented that her pre-teen daughter should have changed an insertion site 
when her bgs started rising, but her daughter just "didn't want to deal with 
it"; so she procrastinated by taking injections (which did drop the bgs) & 
then eventually put in a fresh insertion. We both concurred that given the 
24/7 aspect of diabetes, this "alternate method" at least addresses the 
critical issue, while giving our kids a "breather" from always HAVING to do 
the "right thing".....

Regards, Renee (pump mom)
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