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[IP] formal wear and pumps


I've done three different things for this - one, I could never wear it on my
thigh - too much in the way in a tight dress.  I usually strap it to the
back of my leg, just above the knee.  Low enough to sit in a chair (pump
hangs just off edge of chair), and no dress is tight enough to show the back
of your knees!

I wrap a waist it (another unique accessory) usually for the knee trick.  In
a pinch I've used a garter belt and a hair scrunchie!  (yes, that was a
little tight).

You can also drop it in your panty hose between your legs - I find this more
uncomfortable.  And last but not least, the almighty wonder bra!!!  Remove
padding from one side and put the pump in the push-up pad sleeve.  It takes
a lot of bra shopping to find one that works for this.... but it is worth it
when you find the one that DOES work :)  My most recent bra I purchased for
this was Lily of France's push up satin bra - I used both pads in the
non-pump side and used some cotton to smooth out the corners of the pump -
laughing out loud, they need to make these in anatomically hidable shapes!

Good luck - and let us know what you find works for you...

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