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Re: [IP] ugh HI & ketones - Miranda

Hi -

Not having one of those yucky nights now, but have had in the past.
Usually, it's been because of some upcoming virus/infection rearing its ugly
head.  Funny, tho - I also use both FastTake and OneTouch, and would trust
my life to my One Touch (and do!).  Keep testing, and pumping that insulin.
Changing the site was the best thing, and donn't wait to call MM!!!  They're
up all night for a reason!  Don't suppose you have your CDE's home phone?

OK, you changed your site - are you sure you have Good insulin in your set?
Maybe set a temp basil rate a little higher for a couple hours - keep
testing tho'!  Like you, it has crossed my mind too to just give up this
whole disease and try something different, for a change.  Naaaaahh - after
35 years, I'm just starting to get the hang of this one!

Take care, and stay in touch!  Jane

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