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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #711

>Gail Charlene  <email @ redacted>
>IDDM for 9 years.  I am considering trying the pump.
>I take 5u Ultralente in the AM, 12u Ultralente
>at bedtime, 2-4 u Humalog at each meal.

You'll have an epiphany from not having to use the long acting insulin any
Your hypos will become less frequent and less severe.

>My Feb. A1c was 7.8.  I
>was able to bring this down to 6.4 in Aug. because of my low carb
>eating plan.

Low carbs?  You can have low A1cs on a high carb diet.  I intake 50-75 g CHO
/ meal.  My a1cs since pumping are no higher than 6%.  Pumping is made to
efficiently process carbos.

My nutritionist gave me some warnings about low carb diets.

Potentials exist for damage to kidneys from high proteins, and general
lowering of metabolic rates as the system misinterprets the low carb diet as
starvation dieting.  Remember, DKA results from converting muscle to sugar
(which happens in cellular starvation).

She likes a diet with moderate amounts of complex carbs tied to a regular
exercise program.  Objective: to build muscle reduce fat and stimulate
metabolism -- to maintain weight while simultaneously cutting inches.

The list has discussed Atkins in the recent past.  Thanks for the
opportunity to bring it up again.

Richard, in Austin, Texas

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