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[IP] ugh HI & ketones

It's one of those yucky nights, 1 AM, the meter is reading HI and my
ketostrips say 'small' ketones at 15 mg/dl.  I went to bed at 400 and took
8 units plus a square wave, which seemed to do nothing because by midnight
I had woken up twice for water and was at 580.  So I took 9 units and then
realized in my stupor that maybe my site isn't absorbing well, and so took
a pump and now have to stay up to make sure the whole thing doesn't
backfire on me.  I was bad tonight, did some 'stress eating' and it's like
the food is eating the insulin and just begging for more.  I feel so
nauseous and have an early meeting tomorrow, it's nights like these that
really depress me and make me want to give up on this whole diabetes
thing.  Like it's a choice.  Maybe I'll try asthma for a little while
instead?  Anyway thanks for listening, it's nice to know there's always
someone up reading the list.  I'd probably be calling Minimed or the
hospital but that even though my fasttake meter reads HI, my one touch
profile is barely holding on at 580; if that too gives up on me, I'll
probably have to call somebody.  Poor little ketotic me that my doctors
didn't even want to believe was a type I.  I itch all over too, probably
from dry skin.  Well back to testing and watching stupid late nite shows,
hugs to everyone who's out there dealing with this too.


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