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Re: [IP] Eating habits changing since beginning pumping

I was so excited to see your post about your disinterest in food with the
pump.  I don't know if this is what I'm experiencing or not, but just in the
past two weeks, I've had very little appetite.  I find myself thinking, "OH,
I've got to eat something so I don't go low later!" and then I remember that
I no longer have to think that way :)  I haven't had any weight loss yet
with the pump, but once I read your post, I began to wonder if this might be
what is starting to happen with me.  My basals smoothed out only a few weeks
before my odd feelings towards food appeared.  So.....I'm interested to see
who else may share this phenomenon.  It has made me a little worried just
because not only do I not want to eat, but I feel a little nauseous during
or right after eating.  Good luck and congrats on the weight loss - hope I
can experience a little of that!!

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