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[IP] 2 hour high

Joanne wrote:
>  You are right about the 2 hours after a meal spike indicating 
> a need for an increased insulin bolus at meals. 

Not neccessarily.  If *I* test 2 hours after I eat and cover for the  high, 
then I can EXPECT to be crashed to the floor in about an hour.  I try NOT to 
test until 2 3/4 or 3 hours after my bolus, otherwise I may be tempted to 
cover for a high that the Velosulin just hasn't caught yet.  Velosulin 
reaches it peak in *ME* about 3 - 3.5 hours after I take it.  

When you make statements like the one above, please be sure to qualify it as 
"what works for YOU personally, or your daugher"...Also  remember, this MAY 
be true for HUmalog users, but us Velosulin users are not few, just quiet. 
and 2 hours post prandial, we will still have another 3 hours of unused 
insulin in us after a mere 2 hours!!

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