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[IP] Eating habits changing since beginning pumping

I am not complaining about the 15 lb. I have lost since I started pumping on
the 3rd.  But, I am concerned about my lack of desire to eat that came along
with it.  I find that with fewer lows and less need to eat to cover insulin
I have not been eating much.  I used to use my lows and such to trigger my
need to eat.  Now, my basals are doing so well that I don't feel lows at the
normal eating time.  If I do find I remember to eat, I am not very hungry
any more, so I don't eat a lot.  Before, I ate as much as it took to cover
what insulin was on board.  Has anyone else experienced this when they
started pumping?  I am a little concerned because I have had trouble with
eating disorders in my past, but not for over 12 years.  If that is what is
happening and it is not just something you adjust to with time on the pump,
I will work on getting that under control again.  But, if it is something
that others have experienced, I will ride it out and just enjoy the weight
loss.  Can I hope it is the second one?  lol  Thanks.

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