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[IP] Extended travel & medical Waste

Frank wrote:
>  question for all of our globe trotting Pumpers.  I am hoping to 
>  spend 2 months...traveling thru Central Europe.  Has anyone 
> gone on the road with 2 months of supplies?  what was your
>  experience.  Also, how did you deal with disposal of your 
> medical waste?  

Hi Frank:

I did 7 weeks in France 2 years ago on the pump.  I figured out how much 
supplies I would need if it was a perfect world, then added about 1/2 
more....and that went for everything from reservoirs to bard prep, to insulin 
to lancets (I think I brought 20 of those, which is more than I use in 7 
months let alone 7 weeks!!).

I stayed in youth hostels in Nice, Cap D'ail, Bayonne, Paris, with a friend's 
mom outside of Paris, and a small hotel in Rouen.  For everything with a 
needle - ie lancet, syringes and introducer needle, I kept a couple of 
Profile jars and crammed them in there.  I would carry them around until I 
found a good dumpster - not just the little bin in the hostel bathroom, ya 
know?  I tried to avoid anywhere someone digging around could get poked, but 
then the sharp things were always in the profile cannister.  All the other 
crap - tubing, big end of reservoir, insulin bottles, misc packaging, just 
went whereever the chocolate wrappers and pastry bags were headed!

The only thing I would be wary of is if you are using Humalog.  I use 
Velosulin so starting out with 2 1/2 bottles wasn't such a problem...I kept 
them out of direct sun and when possible kept the unopened ones in the fridge 
(most hostels and b&bs will let you use the fridge).  I don't have travel 
experience with H, so I have no suggestions.

Where in Central Europe are you going?  The more remote and off the beaten 
path, the more difficult it will be to get emergency supplies.  In France, i 
KNOW I can find meters, insulin and insulin syringes, so I am not so worried 
if I have a pump malfunction...a little inconvenience, maybe, but no reason 
to cut my trip short...

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