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Re: [IP] high #'s & carb-insulin ratio

Hi Anne -

My CDE started me on way wrong rates, and I couldn't understand what was
wrong.  After checking "Pumping Insulin", I figured out that my recommended
rate was 1:8, and yup! after one meal, found that that (finally! was the
answer).  It's a painful process, but I would recommend changing it on a
weekend, and you have to decide.  Check that book - you didn't mention how
high her blood sugars are 2 hours after eating.  Are you using humalog?  For
me (on humalog) 2 hours gives an excellent idea of what's to follow.  If
it's high in 2 hours, it'll be high in 3.5 hours.  You will be up testing at
night, but if she's going to be home (where you can watch her), then it will
be OK.  Start by having her eat a meal where you KNOW the carb's.  Test
after that - and that will clue you in.  In my humble opinion, if she
responds well to insulin, then try 1:12.  It won't take long to figure out.

Good luck, and let us know how you do!              Jane

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