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Sorry, but I smell a sneaky type sales pitch all over this.  However, if you
took a little more time to use proper english, I might be able to more clearly
understand what it is you want.  
Bonnie Richardson

>email @ redacted 
>> Hi George. I am an insulin pumper and trully my intention
>> is make easier the diabetic people's life. As an engineer
>> I developed a (good in my tought) program, that works for
>> me and can work for lots of people. As an administrator
>> of this list you are 100% right on being in this statement
>> and I am thankful for that - but be sure that I was asking
>> DIRECTLY the insulin pumpers about a question that makes
>> sense FOR THEM, FOR US, and the best way to lead that.
>> I am thinking to ask directly the glucometer producer company
>> because my software can be placed directly there and the
>> "pumpers" can carry that and - believe me - make their lifes
>> easier. It makes mine and based on universal principles I am
>> sure that it'll make lots of insulin pumper's lifes better.
>> Do you have any suggestion?
>> It's fine to me don't ask more directly the our people what they
>> think about if you think in the same way, though.

RE: Happy Thanksgiving...
>I hope everyone survived the holiday, and their BGs have returned to 
>I'm always amazed at how much insulin bolus I need for Thanksgiving 
>It always seems to be far  in excess of even large overstimates of the
>carbs I eat--and even figuring in the conversion of turkey to carbs.
>Based on my normal carb/ins ratio, I had to bolus for about 375 g of 
>That's a lot of carbs (even including the apple pie ala mode :-).  I'm
>wondering what others ended up bolusing for.  Not the amount of insulin
>(since everyone has a different ratio), but the equivalent amount of 
>Did anyone else keep track?  I know you didn't Sam, since you were 
>too busy
>pushing buttons on your pump and opening your belt *S*.
>- -wayne

Geez, me too! I ended up doing triple my normal lunch or evening meal.  Boluses
almost 20 units over the couple of hours.  I tried so hard to get the carb and
"servings" right.  Thought I was doing ok when I tested 1 1/2 hour later at 165,
not bad.  But then, three hours later at 328...first time I have broken 300s in
a while.   Got that under control.   It is the only day of the year that I eat
so much.  It is my very favorite food day.   

The next day, I made sure I ate small healthy meals, allowed myself a "dessert"
of some really yummy baked apple cheese thing my step mother made. Two hours
later, I am at 301!!!  Dumped that stuff in the sink...Haven't a clue what was in
it, but she is getting me the recipe cause I did love it.  She will never know
that I just want to figure out what in the world is in to make my bgs go up so

It was a great holiday for me though, loved the time off, loved the time with
part of my family.  Much to be thankful for...My greatest wish is that each of
you have at least 1/2 as much to be greatful for. 
I am grateful for all of you for all that you share and all the opportunities I
get to learn new stuff!  Thank you.   
Bonnie Richardson
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