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Re: [IP] A cure around the corner!!??

Another Minnesotan here ...

Dr. Bernhard Hering from the Diabetes Institute at the
U of M recently spoke to my D support group. I have
had diabetes for 15 years, and like many of you have
heard over and over that the CURE is just around the
corner. After hearing Dr. Hering speak, I (for the
fist time in MANY years) am starting to believe it. I
sincerely believe that we are getting closer! I agree
with previous comments re: this thread that we do have
to accept diabetes as a part of our lives, but I feel
that optimism for a cure is not wasted. I firmly
believe that I will see a cure for D in my lifetime. 

I'll spare the list from the details of Dr. Hering's
research but you can find more information at
www.DiabetesInstitute.org. There you will find most of
the information (& more!) that was reported in the
Newscast referenced below.

--- Suzanne Hoppe <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I just wanted to comment on a news story that was
> done on our local 
> television station.  It sounds SO PROMISING!!!!
> I live in Minnesota, and as many of you know, the
> University of Minnesota 
> are doing LOTS of research on islet (spelling?)
> cells transplants.

happily pumping since 9-9-99

Go placidly amid the noise and haste; 
remember what peace there may be in silence. 
-- Desiderata
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