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[IP] update on husband lost job

Hi all,
  Again I just want to thank all of you that offered me assistance
during my time without insurance.  The latest news is that my husband
started anew job today.  The company also has BC/BS PPO of GA.  We
finally got the COBRA stuff in the works last wee, the previous employer
never helped us out but the COBRA people did and are aware that we had a
snag with the employer.  They were curious as to why we didn't the
paperwork  done at the time of my husbands termination.  Anyhow now-  I
guess I'm whining because the employer told us that my husband was
covered by his policy until the end of Nov.  I don't know if any of you
remember me stating but when I was told that I contacted my pump supply
company who in turn mailed me a 6 month supply of pump supplies.  It was
filed on the insurance and of course denied because we DIDN'T have
insurance anymore.  Soooo... now I have to call the COBRA and make sure
we are definitely covered and then have the supply company refile.  I
pray we don't hit any bumps along the way.  Good thing that my family
had no medical emergencies during this lapse.  I do realize that it is
retroactive ,  but for certain a real pain.
   Another bit of good news is that the ICA tests on all four of my boys
were negative.  We can relax for another year on the younger three  and
2 years on our oldest.  For those on the list still waiting I was told
to expect 8 weeks on the turn around and ours took 6.  Sheila

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