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Re: [IP] I can't get through to MM!!!

<< I have ben trying to order supplies from MM and have been on hold for as 
long as 1 hour!!!!  Any suggestions?  Is this what you have to deal with 
when ordering supplies?  This is new to us.  Can I order on-line?  Please 
advise.  Thank you.  >>


Don't order online... I tried that once and they didn't bother to check
their online orders for almost 3 days.

What number are you calling?  I use the number on the back of the pump:


However, one time I dialed that number and nobody answered.  So then I
called the "general" number : 800-933-3322 and told them what was going on.
 They transferred my call and I was able to order the supplies.  

If you are on hold for that long, I suggest you call the general number and
explain the situation.  They might be able to shake someone loose.

Mary Jean

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