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[IP] 200% Basal increase - sore throat

>Has anyone else ever used the temp basal increase for that much before?
>Mom of Kevin
I believe I ran my basal at least 200%  for 6 weeks when I had a broken foot 12 years ago. My mid-a.m. rate is almost 5x (500%?) my overnight rate (.04 & 1.8) and that is the one I used. My 9:30 a.m.-midnight rate is .07 so that is 200+%. I took shots instead of boluses, though, so as to not deplete the reservoir too soon. That helped prolong the site and infusion sets. MY BG stayed at a good level and helped to heal that bone.  I'll be having heel-spur surgery Wednesday and will probably go to that routine again.   I'm on digest and forgot if Kevin is the one with the sore throat. With me, I often have full-blown symptoms with negative tests. Then it shows up a little later. With the severe pain of your son's throat, I'd suggest another test. My endo just looks in my bright red throat and gives me an Rx. I still have my tonsils, though and they bother me quite a bit. Five/six E/N/T's will not touch me.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 49 yrs, pumping 16 yrs)