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[IP] re: Happy Thanksgiving

I had a heck of a time.  I would bolus for what I thought was the
correct amount of carbos.  I assumed 120g of carbos and I bolused
9.7units of humalog.  Didn't work went low in about and hour, treated
accordingly then in about six hours went sky high had to bolus another 7
or 8 units of humalog to bring it down.  I think it was the Pumpkin
Pie.  Other than this not to bad.  Wish I hadn't ate so much but is was
sooooooooo goood.  I have no will power.

I hope everyone survived the holiday, and their BGs have returned to
I'm always amazed at how much insulin bolus I need for Thanksgiving
It always seems to be far  in excess of even large overstimates of the
carbs I eat--and even figuring in the conversion of turkey to carbs.
Based on my normal carb/ins ratio, I had to bolus for about 375 g of
That's a lot of carbs (even including the apple pie ala mode :-).  I'm
wondering what others ended up bolusing for.  Not the amount of insulin
(since everyone has a different ratio), but the equivalent amount of
Did anyone else keep track?  I know you didn't Sam, since you were too
pushing buttons on your pump and opening your belt *S*.

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