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Re: [IP] how does the liver decide?

Sara, I know I'm going to regret this, but I'm going to have to disagree
with you *S*
Actually the muscle cells themselves can store a considerable amount of
glycogen.  None of this ever gets into the blood, and it is coverted to
glucose right in the cells.  So the liver may not dump anything.  And even
when it does, it is not an all or none thing, not like "dumping" a bucket
empty.  It is more controlled, but not so tightly as with insulin.  When
the glycogen stores are depleted, then fatty acids are used for energy for
the muscles, but chemical energy can be extracted directly, without
conversion to glucose.  Actually thinking about the coversion of calories
is useful.  It also helps explain why it takes so much effort to lose
weight by utilizing  fat.  400 cal is a lot of work, but that only requires
100 g of carb.
p.s. hope your holiday boluses (food and insulin) were well matched.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Jess wrote:
> what causes the liver to decide to dump glucose
> stores?  recently i seem to be having a lot of highs after walking
> around to and from classes and such...

True post exercise hyperglycemia is caused usually by not enough glucose
ingested WHILE exercising.  Think about it...if you burn 400 calories on the
bike, where is that fuel gonna come from?  If your starting bg is in a good
range, you most likely don't have that much sugar floating around in your
blood so you are gonna drop and drop until your liver gets a signal from the
brain to dump in the glycagen.  We, in general, have much more difficulkty
getting to that so-called "fat burning " paradise we all strive to get to...
SO during the workout, you crash, your liver dumps and your bg soars.

The solution to prevent this is to sip diluted juice while working out, or
eat some complex carbs beforehand...

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