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From: Subject: [IP] pumping at 200%

Hi Robin,
Sorry to hear Kevin is feeling so puny.  BTDT with the high temp basals with
Jenna.  She got a virus last March, and we did that for days, with more
boluses on top of that.  And, sometimes, her sugar would drop during that
time, and she'd get low, and I'd think she was better, only to have them
shoot  up again.  She's had strep twice since then, and oddly,  neither time
did the strep bother her blood sugars much - though we've come to realize
that antibiotics always make her sugar low.  So different illness definitely
affect her sugar differently.

Lots of things can make a throat a "10" besides strep.  Mononucleosis,
mycoplasma (walking pneumonia), a host of viruses, sinus infections - and of
course, none of those things show up on the strep tests (cause they aren't

Hope he's better soon.

Nancy Morgan

<<he has had a sore throat ... We upped the basals to 150%
for a day or so and still getting over 200 bg's. He doesn't have strep so
culture says...but the throat is "still a 10." ..we upped the basals temp to
200% and we are still getting out of range. I have to admit that it is scary
doing that during the night but I have the
baggage under my eyes to prove I've been checking diligently! (every 2 hours
just in case it breaks!)>>

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