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Subject: [IP] thick /thin blood - ketchup

Thought I'd add a little science to several running questions.  Dehydration
is inevitably part of DKA - the high sugars that lead up to DKA cause the
kidneys to get rid of a lot of water while trying to get rid of the sugar.
And there's often nausea and vomiting to accompany it, with further loss of
water, and decreased ability to drink.  Dehydration makes it hard to start
an IV because the veins are small.  Also, when there's a lot of adrenaline
in the system, from stress from illness, or cold, it causes the arteries to
constrict, thereby bringing less blood to the arms and legs, and hence
having less blood to flow back out through the veins.

As for the ketchup in a bag thing, the body can add or subtract water from
the bag for quite a while.  The "thickness" of the blood is measured in a
term called osmolality, and it never gets as thick as ketchup, because the
body adds water from the cells, and the fluids around the cells.  You're in
DKA a long time before the blood gets as thick as ketchup.  But the point is

Nancy Morgan

<<When I was diagnosed with unbelievably high sugar levels (something like
over 1500), all my veins collapsed and they couldn't get an IV started - is
that because of the thick blood at high levels idea or is it just another
way the body can't function in an acidic environment (DKA)?  My lungs
weren't working too well either now that I think back to it - I was wheezing
and had extremely extremely heavy breathing even while I was sleeping....

Hmmm... just curious - always like to know the science behind it :)>>

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