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[IP] Re: IP Software

Dear Susan, George and Insulin Pump-Users,

The developed software determines how much insulin
you need to bolus. Single. Easily.

What do you need?

Your blood sugar level - anything else. And do the bolus.

It's exactly good because you need almost anything to USE
and it gives you exactly what you need - not graphics and stuff.

Sure that you need a preparation first of all - but it is stored
in the small computer (could be a PalmPilot... I use another

I am more confortable debating this issue directly, I mean,
if someone has a serious proposal to distribute the software
for all Insulin Pumper-Users.


email @ redacted 

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From: George Lovelace <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 21:56
Subject: IP Software


Perhaps if you explained how this program operates and what can 
be accomplished with it, a more direct answer would be given to 
your questions.  As I understood it, this program was designed for 
either the Palm or CE devices. But you say that you are going to 
the Bg meter companies and I'm becomming a bit lost in what it is 
that you have created.  Is what you are looking for from pumpers 
the functions that they feel most important?  Or is it the name of 
the meter manufacturers which are not currently supported by 
some type of tracking software?  As a pumper myself, I am 
interested in whatever tools that are made available which can help 
me in my control.  I would like to assist you in whatever way I can. 
Please reply to my mail, and I think that I have removed all 
references to IP, so this won't end up on the list.   ;>)

Yours in Pumping,

George Lovelace
< email @ redacted >

> Hi George. I am an insulin pumper and trully my intention
> is make easier the diabetic people's life. As an engineer
> I developed a (good in my tought) program, that works for
> me and can work for lots of people. As an administrator
> of this list you are 100% right on being in this statement
> and I am thankful for that - but be sure that I was asking
> DIRECTLY the insulin pumpers about a question that makes
> sense FOR THEM, FOR US, and the best way to lead that.
> I am thinking to ask directly the glucometer producer company
> because my software can be placed directly there and the
> "pumpers" can carry that and - believe me - make their lifes
> easier. It makes mine and based on universal principles I am
> sure that it'll make lots of insulin pumper's lifes better.
> Do you have any suggestion?
> It's fine to me don't ask more directly the our people what they
> think about if you think in the same way, though.

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