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[IP] software question


Your posts about the "software" are drawing a bit of comment, but 
they are bordering on "commercial".  I feel that is probably not your 
intention but as an Admin, I am charged with keeping "advertising" 
off of the list.  I would feel better if you would explain what your 
intentions are and if this is a commercial venture, that you do not 
advertise to the list.  But if I understand you correctly, and this is a 
program that you are wanting to "distribute" to the list without 
charge, please send a letter to email @ redacted and perhaps he 
can arrange a link to download this, or you may respond directly to 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

George Lovelace 
< email @ redacted >
IP Administrator

Hi George. I am an insulin pumper and trully my intention
is make easier the diabetic people's life. As an engineer
I developed a (good in my tought) program, that works for
me and can work for lots of people. As an administrator
of this list you are 100% right on being in this statement
and I am thankful for that - but be sure that I was asking
DIRECTLY the insulin pumpers about a question that makes
sense FOR THEM, FOR US, and the best way to lead that.
I am thinking to ask directly the glucometer producer company
because my software can be placed directly there and the
"pumpers" can carry that and - believe me - make their lifes
easier. It makes mine and based on universal principles I am
sure that it'll make lots of insulin pumper's lifes better.

Do you have any suggestion?

It's fine to me don't ask more directly the our people what they
think about if you think in the same way, though.

Talk with you soon.

email @ redacted 

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