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[IP] Exercise Lows and Highs

Hi Delaine- and when are you going to write that FAQ?  LOL!  I know I've 
been waiting a couple of what -- years??  Did you write it - I haven't 
checked- besides I like your personal responses.

I had an awful time (several years) trying to keep my BG normal after 
intense exercise.  I started checking my BG every 12 minutes (yup!) before 
during and after (you know the routine).  Finally, with help from other IP 
members this is what worked for me - for more intense exercise only (I 
desperately wanted to lose some weight and wanted to do it in an hour long 
water aerobics clas).  I cut my basals in half (I did it 2 hours prior to my 
class as I mix Humalog with Humalin), then 30 minutes to 45 minutes prior to 
class I take a bolus AND eat.  I may have a smaller breakfast at 7 and fruit 
right before my class.
The insulin given just prior to the exercise sends my liver a strong message 
I think - DO NOT DUMP GLUCOSE.  My carbs have not really increased.  I still 
deduct my usual 2 units that I used to do prior to exercise.  I've had 
consistently normal BG 2-3 hours after exercise for the first time in 35 

This DOESN'T WORK for more moderate exercise (1/2 hour walk or bike ride), 
then I have to switch strategies (usually just less insulin).  It helps I 
find if I do my exercise shortly after a meal (or snack) as my BG doesn't 
spike from too little insulin.

I wanted to share my experience with you, in hopes it might help some one 
else.  This disease is so darn complicated-  if most folks had any idea what 
I go through just to be able to exercise for an hour they wouldn't believe 
it (unless they were on the IP list of course!)
I'm sure this won't work the same for everyone, and also your idea of chunky 
me's idea of 'intense exercise' would vary too.  But we gotta start where 
we're at right?

At any rate it was good to see you online.  Haven't seen any posts lately?  
Hope you're happy in your new 'old' profession.  I'm sure you're excellent 
at it?  (Wanna move to Arkansas?)

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