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[IP] RE: C-peptide

Not all endos believe the test is necessary for children with Type 1 because 
it can be diagnosed with the classic symptoms. The test is more valuable in 
determining the questionable Type 2 vs Type 1 vs Type "weird" in young adults 
and older adults. Why pay for a test that is not needed? I think this thread 
started because of the new Medicare guidelines. This will cause some limits 
for previously diagnosed Type 2's who have exhausted their pancreases on 
sulfonylurea medications that stimulated the pancreas to produce more and 
more insulin to overcome the resistance of the cells to insulin and glucose 
(one of the major problems in Type 2). If you have Type 1 and are reaching 
the age of Medicare coverage, at least you won't have to go back to 
injections if you already have a pump. Your physician might have to prove to 
Medicare that you make no C-peptide...the precursor to insulin molecule 
formation. I hope this is helpful.

Barbara B.
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