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[IP] IP] Can you maintain BGs w/out eating?

Linda asked:
> I'd like to know if any of you have done the fasting test 
> through the day to see if you can go without eating 
> anything and still maintain good bgs.

I sometimes go until 3 or 4 in the afternnon without eating...coffee does not 
count does it?  If I wake up with a good sugar, then I know I CAN go all day 
without eating, and since I don't LIKE to eat in the morning, that is good 
for me!..  But that is the whole point of basal insulin.  IF the basals are 
correct, you should not have to eat anything...The problem comes in that IF 
you go too long without eating, your body will think you are starving and 
will dump in those counter regulatory hormones.  This will happen in a NORMAL 
non diabetic person when their bg drops more than about 40 points...so if 
your son is holding steady due to great basals for 4-5 hours, then his bg 
starts to drop due to exercise or incorrect basals, the body will dump in the 
glycagen, etc...and the bg will go up.  Then you will think the basals are 
wrong...vicious circle

The best way to test is in chunks.  The over night one is the easiest...then 
do the morning tesy = eat dinner late making sure there is very lilttle fat 
and that the bed time sugar is in range.  Then start testing around 6 am, 
every couple of hours til say 2 or 3 in the afternoon, then eat lunch and 
continue day as regular.  This could be done on a Saturday.  Then on Sunday, 
eat breakfast and start the basal test from say 11 or noon until 8pm or so, 
testing every 2 hours, then eat dinner.  You don't have to do them all in the 
same day.  Another one to test is early evening:  eat lunch and then test 
from 4pm through bed time (he can have a snack when the testing is done if he 
is hungry)  This way, you won't starve the body of food.  Most adults need 
about 150 grams of sugar JUST to keep their brains functioning, I have no 
idea for a kid...probably more

When i was in the hospita last year, my bg stayed between 100 and 190 or 
somethng like that, for a solid week at NYU and almost a week at 
Northwestern, except for one low for which I had to FIGHT to get some orange 
juice and one  post surgery high.  I ate NOTHING the entire time!!!  Not even 
ice chips!!  just IV dextrose and carefully monitored basal rates...so it CAN 
be done

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