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[IP] Re: cost of pumping

I am in WA state and our Tricare region is WA, OR, and ID. They
(Tricare Rep & HBA at Bremerton) told me the Durable Medical
Equipment coverage varies according to rank and whether you are
active duty or retired (this is for Tricare PRIME, not sure how
STANDARD or EXTRA works.) However, I was also told (by my pump
rep who works closely with the HBA at Madigan, which is where my
pump request came from since our dr is there) that in this region
they are trying to get the costshares lowered for everyone,
aiming for 100% coverage. Probably won't see that for some time,
but it's a start. :)  
My hubby is a LCDR (O-4), active duty Navy, so we (and other E-6
and above) have a 15% costshare. E-5 and below is 10%, and
retired is 20% (that makes NO sense to me!!!) 
The way Disetronics worded it when they called the other day was
that my costshare estimate was $837 and that was for both pumps
and one year of supplies (this was based on paperwork/info they
had received from Tricare.)
I wasn't told where else to get supplies or anything and just
thought I was supposed to continue going with Disetronics for
those (and they would bill Tricare.) I am going to call Central
Sterile Supply at our hospital and see if they give out any pump
supplies. That's where we get our sharps containers, alcohol
swabs, gauze pads, syringes, and lancets (have to have an RX.) We
get the test strips and insulin through the hospital pharmacy. 

Betsy said:
Kerri -

What region are you in for Tricare Prime?  I will have to pay 20%
for the
pump and 20% for anything that costs more than $100 at a time. 
My HBA told
me that durable goods were anything over $100.  The rest could be
with the $9/month/prescription retired co-pay through a network
pharmacy or
supplier.  Your rates sound much better.

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti (Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, mother of many children)
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