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[IP] Question for the Discouraged

Oh yes, I've felt the same as you - wondering if it's all worth it.  I think 
pumping allows me more freedom BUT I still have lots of pump issues to work 
out (my basal rates change all the time, I no longer get so many hypos- DKA 
from occlusion is my 'new' thing, and I'm struggling with the cost of 
supplies) so diabetes is no walk in the park- what's new?  There are many 
stories here about folks who are really in the 'plug 'n' play' mode while I 
am definitely not.  Overall I'm better off (lower HA1cs, less disabled by 
lows) but I was not revolutionized although things have improved with the 
excellent advice from folks on this list.  It DOES get easier over time too. 
  Hang in there.  Keep on pumpin'.

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