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[IP] geneva pumping for week in florida

back home and wading through 800 or so pumpers e-mails.  whew!
spent week in sanibel with some long lost relatives and thought I would share geneva's pumping experience for all of the newbies out there who have joined since we left!
we were interested in how the pump would fare on our transcontinental flight from CA to FL. 
 we left at 10 am after breakfast and were in flight for 4 hours.  the kids both had kids' meals...mcdonald's fare...with tons of food.  cookies,  gummy candy,  hamburger,  fruit, carrots ...it did not stop!   they had a duplicate meal again on the 2 hour flight from chicago to tampa.  so, needless to say, with sitting in the plane and not moving,  geneva's levels were pretty much up there!  330 by lunchtime.  but...we just corrected put her on a temp basal of 0.2 higher than normal for four hours.  she never went over 195 that whole day.  she even had some of the starbucks frappucino that is pure sugar!  I was impressed.
throughout the time at the condo, she spent hours at the pool and beach,  disconnected for swimming and had good levels most of the time.  we were careful to bring "dust off" (compressed air)  to blow out sand from the pump every day.  we did have to do a site change on her second day because her sils came out after swimming all day long.  this never occurred again, so I don't know what caused the first one to come out.
went for a 28 mile bike ride out to a nature preserve,  all flat , and she put the pump on a temp basal of 0.0 for the four hours that we took.  we had a picnic lunch at which time she reconnected and bolused for food. 
the biggest thrill about our  pumping vacation was that geneva had only 1 low!   she remained in the lowish 100's and only went up in the afternoons, which I attributed to glucose rush from all the swimming.  this was the first swimming vacation that we have taken since IDDM dx  in which geneva wasn't sucking down juices constantly and getting lows.   incredible!
we still had high nights...because of growth or big dinners or the "pump witch"...but I just got up at 2 am and corrected.  she always woke up around 135.   
our only bad experience was when we left tampa,  we dropped off my mom at her gate and then we had about an hour to kill prior to our departure.  right as we were headed to our gate,  geneva said that her site really hurt.  we just went into the ladies room and changed her sils.  apparently it was hitting her muscle.   it only took five minutes as I had preloaded several cartridges before we left and had them in a tupperware container just in case!  ...got our ice to numb her abdomen from the fast food spot nearby.  I had brought some sandwich baggies.
I must say that since we are using the sils instead of the sof-sets,  geneva is now getting a good three to four days on a site. 
sara...in case you are reading this...I did bring the perfect amount of sets.   6 for the week.  2 left over.  a bit extra on the cartridges.  since she was so active, we did not use alot of insulin.
so , the pump did not explode on the plane...and geneva was able to enjoy her kids' meal along with her brother.  we could never have done this on shots.
as far as the time change.   we changed her pump to eastern time (and vice versa)  once we were at a time where her basal was 0.5 for the day. ( she is on a much higher 8pm -1am basal.)  she just checked often in the initial few hours of being there.   corrected if high. 
hope all of you had a good thanksgiving.  geneva ate the stuffing and potatoes and did fine with BGs all day except that night she hit 476!   let's see....that would be the potatoes? how 'bout all that white flour in the dressing? 
mom to 10 yr. old geneva...who had alot to be thankful for on this thanksgiving!