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Re: [IP] Can you maintain BGs w/out eating?

since geneva, age ten,   can't seem to go without food for too long,  we have only seen a 'fast' situation at night and when she was not feeling well.   but there have also been certain days in which she would sleep in and then not eat until about 10:30.  in these situations,  her BGs stay within about 15 points of her correction when she awakens.  (we have her wake up around 130-140 and then correct to 100)  so, we have no problems on weekends when she wishes to sleep late.
we doing our basal testing by blocks of time.   wakeup until about noon.   noon until 3-4, etc.   
good luck,
mom to geneva
pumping since june '99 
I'd like to know if any of you have done the fasting test through the day to
see if you can go without eating anything and still maintain good bgs.