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Subject: Re: [IP] C-peptide test

Hi Mag,
I don't think that the C-peptide is standard procedure.  For kids, who are
almost inevitably Type 1, it will be 0 all too soon.  Since nothing really
changes at the end of honeymoon (when the insulin production, therefore
C-peptide is none), there's no big reason to know exactly when that occurs.
I think it's a helpful test for adults who don't know if they're Type 1 or
2. Some of the new oral meds let insulin - using Type 2's decrease or stop
using insulin, but if the C-peptide is low, they'll still need insulin.

I recently had Jenna's C-peptide level tested because her former (not
present) endo made me mad - told me that her A-1-C of 6.9 was because she
was still in honeymoon, not because of the pump, and that when she finished
honeymoon, her control would deteriorate, pump or no!  Being a dr., I can do
capricious things like order a C-peptide 'cause the endo made me mad. So,
anyways, it was time for her quarterly A-1-C anyways, so I had the C-peptide
tested, and it was less than 0.1.  Her good control is because we work darn
hard at it, and the pump makes it possible!

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, 10 yo, DM for 21 months, and pumping for 14 of

<<Subject: Re: [IP] C-peptide test

Is this test standard procedure?  Or do you have to request it?  Matt has
had this test should he?>>

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