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[IP] re: MM software problems

My 8 yr. old Mike is two weeks into pumping with his MM 508.  We are still figuring basals and changing our profiles frequently.  I talked with the MM rep about the software problem.  I followed their procedure about setting the multiple basal profiles.  One thing their instructions did not state was that you need to zero out all your basal profiles each time you do any resetting of basal rates.  That means that even if we only adjust one of the profiles, we need to start out again by zeroing all the rates out.  She states that we would know we had a software problem if we went back into the profiles and the numbers were not the same as we had programmed.  So I guess I cannot blame any unexplained highs and lows on the software!!!  I feel comfortable and safe using the pump at this time.  We would not want to give up the freedom and control we are now experiencing.

Sue Cahill. mom of SIXSONS, ages 3 to 15
Mike, 8 yrs old, dx 1-97, pumping 11-99
email @ redacted

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