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[IP] Exac-Tech meters

>Jan -
>What is an Exac-Tech meter?  You can put spare batteries in it?  For me =
>357 batteries last about 6 weeks, and then (one week ahead), I buy spare =
>batteries and keep them, for that day when the alarm sounds - LO BATTERY =
>- -  then I go ahead and change them.  Would hate to be caught without =
>them!  Exact-Tech is a meter?  Has anybody heard of a Humalog pen?  One =
>that can measure .1 units?  Or .5, for that matter?
Exac-Tech is a meter made by Medisense. I like the compactness for my over-stuffed-as-it-is purse. Your pharmacy should have many types/styles on display. Mine is a wallet-style case. It will hold the meter, about 6 lancets, lancing device, and has a pocket for instructions. In that pocket I also keep a Band-Aid, a penny to open pump battery holder, TP square, and whatever else I can think of. BUT, I'm tough enough to not need the lancing device - just stick myself with a lancet - therefore, the 3-battery strip fits right in that elastic holder. I use the MM power pack batteries because my ins. pays for them. I cut the strip and make sure they are completely enclosed to not have any contact with something to deplete the power. 
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 49yrs, pumping 16 yrs)