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Re: [IP] A Question for the Discouraged...(a little long)

Hello, I saw your e-mail and I just want you to know that I sometimes feel 
similar to you.  There are a lot of times when I get tired of being attached 
to my pump.  My friends and family say the same thing about taking shots.  
What they do not realize is that, no you may not have to take shots but you 
do always have to be attached to an object that is unnatural to your body.  
The thing is, atleast for me, my pump does not make me like a person without 
diabetes, no where close, but it does allow me to go run and exercise without 
being paranoid about my blood sugars falling too low and it does allow me to 
sleep through the night without waking up to every little sound because I am 
afraid that my bs are low.  I truly understand your pain, and unfortunately 
for now this is all there is for us.  Just try to find some way to keep your 
head up.  What I try to do is remind myself of all the things I do have and I 
always remind myself that life is short and that I need to try to enjoy it.  
Even though I train myself to think of these things when I am down, I, like 
you, get upset sometimes.  It truly is a battle for everyone with diabetes, 
please do not feel alone. I am twenty-two and I am sure that you understand 
this when I say that I get soooo upset when I go out with my friends and see 
them drinking and there I stand...unable to drink.  Of course I can have one 
drink but usually thats it because my bs go up.  I do not know what else to 
say other than we are all in it with you.  -Melissa
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